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Ready for a change? Get Lean. Perform Better.  

Schedule a Free 30-min. coaching "Stop Struggling and Loose Fat Forever" session with me to learn: 

1. Create a crystal-clear vision of for what you weight can be. 

2. Uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your weight loss success. 

3. Leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to finally learn how to lose weight and keep it off forever!  

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Proven Strategies Based on Science and Experience

I build a custom training plan that works for you

I will craft an easy-to-follow training plan that fits your lifestyle and busy schedule.

Custom meal plans designed around your eating preferences

We'll dive into your day-to-day eating habits to show you how to implement simple strategic to start getting lean right away AND splurge on your favorite foods! 

No more guesswork

Stop spinning your wheels! Get your questions answered as you have them from your coach who knows you and your goals.

Have confidence on race day

When you’re on the starting line, you’ll have the confidence you put in the right work! 

An Expert Coach in Weight Loss and Running 

Hey there! I'm Coach Jim.

With years of coaching and running experience, I'm confident I can help you with any and all of your weight loss and training questions, plans, and dreams. 

When I'm not helping folks like you get to their ideal racing weight while they’re training for their next big race, I'm spending time on the trail or on the road, practicing what I teach.  

I'd love to learn about your life and running goals—let's chat!  

Getting started has never been so simple:


Book a no-pressure call so we can chat about your running background, goals and needs, to see if we're a good fit for each other.


If the shoe fits, we'll set up a planning session to craft a customized training and meal plan.


Implement your plan with on-going coaching and accountability. I guarantee you'll see results in the first 10 days!


I decided I wanted to shed about 10 pounds and increase my fitness level. I hired an awesome running coach, coach Jim and began running from scratch. Today, I ran my first 10k ever and it was beyond awesome!! I am down 18 pounds and feel great!

Kelly, coached Athlete 


Ready for a change?

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